Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Drop Your Uterus in the Mail for a Good Cause

Being an avid crafter, I was excited to see that Americans are banding together to knit for a cause!  In order to protest the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision - that for-profit companies run by religious individuals will face no punishment if they refuse to provide insurance coverage for female birth control - a knitting group is asking people to knit as many uteruses as possible!!

Per Sarah Mirk, mail your oh-so-soft and adorable uteri directly to the Hobby Lobby headquarters and womb-bomb the heck out of them!

I, myself, am not participating.  Given my utter inability to craft anything that remotely resembles its intended form, my yarn-reproductive organs will look more like penises with streamers.  And what political message does wooly-aerodynamic-penis-bombing send?  Probably the opposite of "stop trying to control my uterus."  

Is womb-bombing the new glitter-bombing?  Can't we combine the two causes and knit with sparkly yarn?  Can we start a movement to get "womb-bomb" added to Webster's this year?

On another note, are yarn uteruses the model for these Sesame Street puppets?
yup yup yup yup yup - nope nope

For those of you who are actually crafty and know how to macrame a fallopian tube, here are more hobbies that say "stop trying to micromanage my lady parts:"


  1. Trying to share this with Google+ but the frame doesn't go high enough to be able to click on the send function. What gives?

  2. Hi Brenda, thanks for telling me. I did a test run and it worked for me. Has anyone else had problems?